MCR Safety Bringing Brands Together


MCR Safety has consolidated well known brand names in PPE (personal protective equipment). Those brands included Memphis Gloves, Crews Glasses, River City Garments – to name a few. But what does that change mean for you? Nothing! The beloved products will remain the same high-quality you’ve come to expect. From a brand with forty five years of experience, they’re recognized as a global PPE leader.

History of MCR Safety

First of all, MCR Safety started out as Memphis Glove Company. Founded by Hilliard Crews in 1974, he was looking to help protect employees. Shortly after, in 1981 he and his brothers founded a new company called Crews Safety Glasses. And then River City Garments was established in 1984 to focus on protective clothing.

The three companies combined into what is now known as MCR Safety. All three of them ranked in the top 5 of their respective categories. So, it’s no wonder that these well known brands came together.

Memphis Gloves

MCR Safety 9669 PU Coated Palm Gloves - 13 Gauge Nylon Shell - Black

Memphis gloves were the one that started it all (when they were Memphis Glove Company). They ended up being number two in the glove market. And these gloves are known for their durable glove protection and comfort. MCR Safety has cranked out over 1000+ different gloves and styles to meet the demands of its users. Types include cotton, disposable, performance, string knit and more! Glove styles range from cut resistant, chemical handling, nitrile, welding – to name a few. A popular series like the Ninja provides some of the best dexterity and sense of touch. N9878BNF Ninja BNF Gloves provide excellent cut and abrasion resistant. While the BNF (Breathable Nitrile Foam) gives the glove superior grip. Many of the gloves come by the dozen, perfect for companies to buy for employees.

Memphis also handled the welding apparel, known as Memphis Welding. Now under MCR Safety garments, they provide protection against high heat and high intensity light.

Crews Glasses

Next, Crews Glasses were among one of the leading eyewear brands – ranked #1 in the safety glasses market. Crews Glasses (now MCR Safety) pride their product as being stylish protective eyewear. Thus, style becomes a major driving force behind choice. With a wide variety of glasses and goggles, you can find the right pair for any application. Styles/coatings include anti-fog, mirror, polarized, bifocal, ballistic, and more. Some of their well known series are the BearKat (BK1) to ForceFlex (FF1). There are at least 72 different series for the formerly known brand of Crews that will now carry over as MCR Safety Glasses.

River City Garments

MCR Safety PSURVCL2LS Type R Class 2 Black Bottom Solid Front Surveyor Safety Vest

Another big name to the MCR brand was River City Garments.

This sub brand provides safety vests, high visibility clothing, rainwear, boots, and welding gear. Then to grow in the last few years the line now includes FR (flame resistant) Gear.

The majority of these safety vests meet ANSI Type R Class 2 or 3; in lime yellow or orange. And included styles such as adjustable, FR, surveyor, two tone, and more.

For rain gear, the Luminator series gives superior visibility while keeping you dry.

Make a splash with MCR Safety boots. Made with polyurethane, PVC, or rubber these boots are waterproof with great grip. The PBS120 are 15 inches tall with a steel toe. And has a polyester lining to make it comfortable to wear.

U.S. Safety

Last but not least, there was U.S. Safety Glasses which now falls under MCR Safety Glasses. The design of this brand focuses on the application. With stylish design elements these glasses have superior coatings for work and play. U.S. Safety features a MAX3 hard coat which provides three times the scratch resistance. As well as, MAX6 for six times the amount of fog resistance than the standard anti-fog. And then many of these glasses meet the Military Ballistic High Velocity Standard.

MCR Safety

In conclusion, MCR Safety has brought all these brands together under one name. Those brands being Crews Glasses, Memphis Gloves, River City Garments, and US Safety. And they will continue to provide the same products that we’re used to. When you have a brand committed to its customers – you can work and play as hard as you want – because you know MCR has your back.