TechNiche Cooling

TechNiche Cooling Products – Reusable Evaporative Cooling

The sun arcs across the sky and the beads of sweat begin to roll down your face. While you search for relief from a breeze or gust of wind you long for something more. TechNiche cooling products exist to provide you that comfort. Make working and spending time outside enjoyable with reusable evaporative cooling products.

HyperKewl Technology

While staying cool on warm days may seem like a luxury, make it a priority with TechNiche cooling products. A part of OccuNomix safety gear, TechNiche evaporative cooling products include ANSI Type R Class 2 rated items. They comply with regulations that keep workers safe. Evaporative cooling technology utilizes HyperKewl fabric that is lightweight and durable. And once activated with cold water, enjoy between 5-10 hours of cooling relief.

First of all, focus on keeping your head cool to help regulate overall body temperature. Some of your body’s heat-regulating sensors are around your head and neck. Wear skull caps made of 100% polyester mesh that provides enhanced performance. Also, tie fastens in the back adjust for best fit and comfort. Construction workers and highway crews wear these under hard hats for hours of relief. In addition, TechNiche offers several colors and patterns of cooling skull caps. And this includes hi-viz yellow/lime and the USA flag print.

TechNiche Hi-Viz Cooling

Another style of cooling headwear is traditional caps. Hi-Viz baseball style caps utilize HyperKewl material in the hat panels. And the mesh material is breathable, allowing air to circulate. High visibility lime keeps you visible on the job site. And a tan color 6-panel cap matches casual wear outfits. And a low profile design has a hook and loop size adjustment. Also, this fits most adults. The TechNiche ranger cap features a 360-degree brim for sun protection. Ranger caps come in hi-viz or khaki colors. Adjust with a convenient strap clincher.

In addition, go beyond the traditional with cooling beanies, sports caps and neckbands. These products go back to the theory that if you keep your head and neck cool, you better regulate your core body temperature. Beanies fit with ease under other hats and caps. TechNiche neckbands have a quick-release snap for user safety. Wear for discreet cooling under your shirt collar. Most of all, the half-a-dozen color choices match most apparel. Prevent sunburn on your neck and ears with the ultra sport cap. The neck shade panel attaches to the hat and creates a protective and cooling system.

Hours of Heat Relief

Since cooling headwear can only do so much, wear another layer of resistance. TechNiche phase change cooling vests are the ultimate in defense. And these vests are v-neck with zipper closure. Cooling inserts and a water repellent thermal liner create hours of heat relief. Evaporative vests come in several colors including hi-vis lime, silver, black, and khaki. And these vests fit comfortably under your safety vest or work shirt.

In conclusion, don’t let the summer heat stress you out. Take pride in the fact that you now know about HyperKewl technology from TechNiche. Reusable evaporative cooling provides lasting relief and makes the day a little easier.