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Personal Safety Equipment

With a trusted name and guarantee of tough products, DeWalt safety gear is second to none. Best known for power tools, they have also expanded into a variety of safety gear. For decades DeWalt has been on the job site making it easier for workers to build and create. Now they have made it easy to stay safe as well. Let’s take a look at what is beyond the saw and drill.

DeWalt DPG82-11 Concealer Goggles

DeWalt DPG82-11 Concealer Goggles

First, working with electric power tools requires eye protection. The DeWalt line-up of safety glasses and goggles has features to keep you safe. Concealer goggles are our best-selling style and feature an anti-fog lens. Soft dual injected rubber conforms to your face and provides a barrier from dust, dirt and small particles. Ventilation channels allow for breathability and are ANSI Z87.1 rated. Other safety glasses and goggles feature polarized, mirror or bifocal lenses. Many styles are hybrid glasses/goggles designed to work in a variety of environments. This goes back to DeWalt’s commitment to quality and versatile safety gear.


Indoor/Outdoor Performance

Another job site necessity is durable work gloves. DeWalt designed their gloves for high performance. Insulated cold weather gloves provide thermal protection. When working outdoors styles like the DPG750 provide wind, abrasion and water resistance. The 4-layer D-FEND breathable barrier will keep your hands warm and dry. Classic leather and string knit coated palm gloves offer cut and slip resistance. DeWalt’s gloves range in size from small to 2X and come in a variety of colors like gray, hi-viz lime, yellow and black.

In addition to hi-viz glove colors, check out the full range of DeWalt high visibility apparel. The ANSI class 2 heavy duty surveyor vest has many great features. Silver reflective stripes keep you visible even when working at night. There are seven tough woven fabric pockets for storage and dual mic tabs on the shoulders. Vests and safety shirts have lightweight breathable mesh to keep you cool while you work. Hi-viz moisture-wicking performance fabric is ideal for the warm summer months. The shirts come in both short and long-sleeve styles. Other styles of vests include two-tone, breakaway and FR.

DeWalt DSV521 Class 2 Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest

DeWalt DSV521 Class 2 Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest

DeWalt Durability

Because DeWalt hearing protection works with their hard hats we will discuss both. The hard hats are ANSI rated cap style with 6 point quick ratchet suspensions. The universal accessory slots fit cap mounted ear muffs. Some ear muff styles have AM/FM radio and fold away for storage. DeWalt also has both corded and uncorded ear plugs. All the hearing protection is NRR (noise reduction rating) rated and provide a consistent and comfortable fit. Ear plugs and ear muffs are not only for the job site. Use them for yard maintenance at home, at sporting events or for other tasks.

Since some environments push the limits of cold tolerance, wear DeWalt heated jackets. Whether it’s for hunting or for work these jackets will keep you warm. Water and wind resistant polyester outer shells hold up to the elements. If you have never heard of battery powered heated jackets, DeWalt makes them and you might not want to go without one again. They utilize batteries and USB power ports. Each style of jacket is different and not all include the battery and charger. Camo print jackets help hunters blend in and durable hoods provide added protection. There are both sweatshirts and jackets and sizes range from small to 3X.

Finally, the easiest way to find the DeWalt safety product right for you is to browse our best-sellers. They have come a long way over the years and have diversified to include more than power tools. Stay safe and remain visible in a trusted American brand.